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About Us

The sheer feeling of being one mind in two bodies; when one being can think a thought and another can feel it and react accordingly. The affinity shared with another spirit that is in perfect harmony with one’s own, to such an extent that the spoken word is unnecessary. Learning to trust another so implicitly, that through their belief in you, you learn to trust more in yourself. The clarity of understanding that to master a horse, humbling oneself and acknowledging inferiority of intelligence is paramount.

This is the nature of riding. This is the nature of Equineeds.

Who we are

We are an Indian, privately owned enterprise, based on a totally unique and innovative philosophy of what riders and horses need we provide one-stop equestrian solutions ranging from training, sales and supplying equestrian equipment for riders and their horses.

We are driven by pride and belief in what we do – providing some of the best solutions and quality products for the industry in most affordable prices.

Our aim is to provide the ultimate riding sensation that is not just reserved for top riders, but can be experienced by everyone who is consciously engaged in riding.